About Me

Hi, my name is Destiny and I am the author of Home Love. I share here my experiences as my family pursues the goal of becoming debt-free and living off-grid.

We are a family of seven living in a modest home in a small northern community. We love hiking and foraging, hunting and camping, gardening and cooking, building and making. We want to run into the woods but we have jobs and school and commitments, bills and debt.

We need a plan.

This year we set out on an ambitious goal to become debt-free with savings within five years so we can manifest our ultimate dream: selling it all, buying undeveloped land and building a self-sufficient homestead from scratch.
I like to lovingly refer to this manifesto as “Arcadian Homesteading” which is essentially getting back to what is truly important in life; food security, knowing basic survival skills, being frugal/money-smart, possessing knowledge of the land, and mindful living in general.

We aren’t looking to go back and live in pre-industrial conditions; I enjoy and appreciate modern conveniences and am passionate about understanding and implementing the meaning of living mindfully in this crazy consumer-driven, fast-paced technological world.

I take great interest in the principles (though not so much the radical design) of Earthship Biotecture and have been studying the many facets of a self-supporting household including water collection and recycling, passive thermal heating and ventilation, indoor and outdoor food gardens and botanical cells; and a variety of building materials and options. I am also interested in modern energy, food preservation and storage, gardening and land-use. Check out some the amazing self-regulating mechanisms that we plan to incorporate into our homestead here.

I believe in growing together, supporting each-other, and being accountable. As we build skills and get closer to acquiring our own land I will continue to share our trials and successes here with you.

For our current weekly update, see our Progress Reports. Or start from the beginning with our First Progress Report.


Happy Homesteading and thanks for visiting! ♡

We are learning how to manage a blog and the curve is a sharp one! Please bear with us as we grow our social networking skills and try to make our website as user-friendly as possible. We are so glad that you’re here!