Sectional Sofa DIY

If you’re like me, you hate paying big money for home furnishings. I had these crummy sears sofas that were really uncomfortable and the seat cushions always slid off the couch whenever anyone tried to get comfy on them. Sorry about the poor-quality photo; it’s the only one I could dig up of this set.Continue reading “Sectional Sofa DIY”

Discarded Desk Drawers Turned into Wall Cupboards 

Back when we tore out a wall to create a family entrance, we ended up with a bunch of junk drawers and some wall panelling.  I decided to get crafty and use them to make a little extra cash return on the reno. I turned them into prim-inspired wall cupboards! It was really so very easyContinue reading “Discarded Desk Drawers Turned into Wall Cupboards “