Our Thrifty Vintage Wedding

Our Wedding was featured at IntimateWeddings.com! When I married Mike we had four kids and were embarking on purchasing our first home together. Suffice to say, funds were tight. I think what enabled us to create such a special day was the financial limitations we had when planning it. It meant we had to keepContinue reading “Our Thrifty Vintage Wedding”

Discarded Desk Drawers Turned into Wall Cupboards 

Back when we tore out a wall to create a family entrance, we ended up with a bunch of junk drawers and some wall panelling.  I decided to get crafty and use them to make a little extra cash return on the reno. I turned them into prim-inspired wall cupboards! It was really so very easyContinue reading “Discarded Desk Drawers Turned into Wall Cupboards “