Quick How-To: Tallow

Tallow is an animal byproduct that has several good homesteading applications. It can be used to make soaps and salves; it makes the best lard for pastries, and it can even be used as a candle wax. It is white, odorless, and at room temperature it has the consistency of a soft bees wax. ToContinue reading “Quick How-To: Tallow”

“Whatever” Bread

Super easy delicious homemade bread baked in two glass bowls • 4 cups flour • 2 tsp salt • 2 cups lukewarm water • 2 tsp sugar • 2 tsp active dry yeast suggested ingredients: seeds, nuts, raisins, cooked oats, quinoa, savory spices (like rosemary and oregano)- anything! You choose! In this one I usedContinue reading ““Whatever” Bread”