7 Hacks for Better Homesteading

I am constantly stumbling upon countless tips and tricks for making homesteading chores easier and more efficient and wanted to share some of them, for my own reference and also for you! I was fortunate to receive a few great submissions from some of my bloggy neighbors (thanks guys) and am happy to be able to present a list of 7 Homesteading Hacks I’m loving right now:

1. Holzhaufen

I was intrigued when I read about this awesome method for storing your firewood called a Holzhaufen. Two Branches Homestead explains the process and benefits of storing your wood this way. And, It looks really cool. See how they transform a giant pile of firewood into beautiful structures here or by clicking the photo below:

2. Baking on a Campfire


If you have firewood, you may be looking at ways to bake over a fire and that is why this hack from Fixed By Doc caught my eye. He demonstrates how to use cast iron to bake over a fire, and makes a chocolate cake! Check it out here.

3. Dig-and-drop Composting

A common issue I hear among aspiring homesteaders is the lacking of excitement and even straight-up frustration with managing a compost. Over at Gippsland Unwrapped was a great breakdown of utilizing ‘free-range’ composting worms with the dig-and-drop method for managing household waste. If you’re as unenthusiastic as I am about composting, this may be a How-to worth checking out!

4. Fermenting Chicken Feed


Chickens; the gateway homesteading hobby. While they’re fairly easy to keep and care for, I am always looking for ways to save money and increase efficiency in all I do. The Grow Network has me all pumped up about fermenting chicken feed. Apparently it’s better for the chickens and better for the wallet! I’ve been at it for just about a week now and the girls have been very excited to see me when I bring them their daily dose of the fermented feed. It’s safe to say that these guys over at are on to something; check out their thorough breakdown of the method here

5. Raising Meat Birds in a Chicken Tractor

Speaking of chickens, I have only ever kept chickens for eggs and am currently exploring the possibility of having meat birds. While researching this, I found a great option offered by Amanda at Meyer Hatchery who discusses the benefits of using a chicken tractor to keep meat birds. She offers many considerations and options (think of lawn health, bug control, cost-effectiveness, etc) see more at Meyer Hatchery by clicking on the photo or here.

6. DIY Trellis Making Using Branches

I LOVED reading this post from Heirloom Gardener about building trellises out of branches. Wesley provides an excellent history of the art and offers some awesome tips for doing it yourself over at Heirloom Gardener.

7. Build Your Own Dehydrator


Lastly, because I have been planning to create a variation of this myself as soon as the weather warms up, is an instructable on how to build your own dehydrator. Surely there are a million ways about which you can approach a project like this but what inspires me about this instructable is the art of working with what you’ve got- this is design uses simple easy-to-find materials. I have been in need of more space for dehydrating as the commercial ones just are either too small or out of my price range. Why not make your own? I am! With help from bmwonderly through the tutorial provided here.

I hope you are as inspired by these methods and ideas as I am and that you can put some of them to use in your own world! I know I will!

Happy Homesteading Xx