Honey Fermented Garlic

I recently saw a post on Facebook about the fermentation of garlic in honey and thought it had to be the easiest way to get my foot in the door on fermentation. Unfortunately I can’t recall the original post but I didn’t need to use it for reference to start this process because it is literally as easy as submerging garlic cloves in honey.

The next part of the process involves burping the closed jar several times a day as the bubbling fermentation process begins to occur and flipping the jar often to keep the garlic coated.

I started my honey fermented garlic five days ago and noticed today that the bubbling process is really getting going. And it smells amazing already, like slow roasted garlic.

So now that I am on day 5, and noticing the bubbling, I started to wonder how long to let this ferment or what to use it for after it’s done. I knew I wanted to use the honey as the base for my home-made mullein cough-syrup by next autumn but wondered what other recipes would be complimented by a garlic-infused honey. Upon my google search, I found the coolest Facebook group ever, WFU, and promptly requested to join. Google tells me that the answer to all my honey fermented garlic questions lie within the privacy walls of the group, and I am just waiting now to be accepted.

I do have to say though that this has to be the best gateway fermentation for anyone wanting to dabble in the art. And watching my concoction actively processing on the kitchen shelf definitely has me inspired to look further into the fermentation process!

I am no authority on the subject so I recommend doing your own search for information about how to properly ferment garlic in honey if you should decide to give this a try.

I will be sure to update after 3 months when the bubbling is supposed to cease and again next fall when I get to use it in my own recipe!

Happy Homesteading! Xx

7 thoughts on “Honey Fermented Garlic

      1. It sure looks like it! I have SOOO much garlic to use up… good problem to have… but I’d love to be doing more to reap the benefits of it!


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