Winter Blues Got Me Building Indoor Gardens

I miss dirt and sunlight and the color green so bad! I was checking out my seeds and decided to bust out some diy skills and put together a space for a herb garden in my kitchen.

If you’ve read about my kitchen then you’re aleady aware it has exactly zero available square inches of space for anything. Except for right above the sink which I’ve never been sure what to do with:

I had built myself a floating shelf last year but never used it and it was too big to fit between the cupboards. I had to saw off one end to get it to fit. Yes, in the middle of the kitchen; it’s a hundred degrees below sub-zero outside:

I put some hooks in the ceiling of the space to hang a grow light:

And popped the shelf into the nook!

I had some leftover tack-paper I bought off of Amazon for the fridge project I did here:

So I stuck it on the back wall because the back wall was just badly-painted plywood and looked gnarly.

I just planted the herbs so they’re sitting in the stairwell where it gets really warm to germinate.

It’ll do!

Happy Homesteading Xx