DIY Fridge Makeover

This could be one of my most favourite quick DIY’s ever. I have a severe hate on for free-standing fridges and these are my two previous attempts at making one fit into this awkward corner of our kitchen before and after we upgraded to a newer fridge:

Apologies for the shoddy before photos as I never thought I would be blogging about my fridge LOL. Anyhow, I found this tacky paper on Amazon that looked pretty cute:

So I bought it to try my hand at covering the fridge with it. I think it looks nicer in person than in the photo BUT it is semi-transparent. If you adhere it to a dark surface it will show through.

Plank paper against real plank tabletop

This didn’t bother me too much even on the stainless steel fridge as the end result was still really nice! It was easy to apply- I stuck a corner in place and then straightened the entire sheet out so it was positioned how I wanted it to be when it stuck. Then I slowly peeled down the backing while I smoothed it over using a credit-card.

I cut strips out of the roll and stuck them sideways to create ‘trim’ Pretty cute right? I thought so! Happy Homesteading! Xx

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