Gone Junkin’

Here in Peace River Country there are a lot of gravel roads that lead to nowhere. Hiding behind the overgrowth, old homesteads on the bends whisper stories of days gone by. Sometimes I convince my family to entertain my curiousity and join me in a treasure-hunting adventure. We find old stores, homes and warehouses. We explore and take photos.

Theres something so gratifying about finding an old jar or box nearly consumed by the ground and recovering it to live out one more story. 

Below is a photo we took of a tub sitting in what once was the bathroom of an old home. 

You could see the crumbling foundation framing out the shape of the rooms and even the heat vent seemed to rest in the same spot where it did when the home was standing. 

This old lumber shop looked like it had been forgotten decades ago. There was no indication of parking or entry paths. It was literally being consumed by the forest.

Inside it had been completely gutted, hardly a remnant left; save for some heating appliances. 

I would have taken all that rusty junk home with me if my husband would’ve allowed it but I guess it’s good to have someone keeping me from drowning myself in my own ambitions lol

It was a pretty big building and the erosion deterred me from stepping too far inside. Nonetheless, I enjoyed hiking the parameter and imagining the stories and people that left them sealed within the walls.

The exterior windows:

On this day we also found what seemed to be an old hunting shack. It had a cot and a few cupboards inside and there were old bullet casings and food cans around. 

A person like me could spend hours combing leaves and overturning stones just to find another page to the stories these old ruins have to tell. 

The husband and I have decided after watching NuggetNoggin’s Videos on youtube that we need to get ourselves a metal detector and see what kind of relics we can detect in the ground around these beautiful old sites. 

Next spring we will go exploring the remnants of our regions’ history again. Junking is a great way to spend a day with the family learning and imagining together about days gone by♡

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