Fun With Wood

Over time I have completed a good haul of scrap-wood projects for almost no cost. Theres so many ways to use it. I always keep some in my stash.

I got a huge haul of perfectly seasoned wood when I put out an ad seeking fencelike material for around my garden. The ad ended up catching the attention of a lady whose fence was just torn down and scheduled for disposal. I got the whole Fence for free! And saved her a buck too! 
Adding some random junk from the stash, some knobs from the ol’ drawer-pull collection:

A bit of paint, twine, tacks and clothespins:

Another version of wall-hooks using a second plank of ‘The Fence’ as a shelf:

A SUPERcute frame. This wood came from three different places: an old porch, ‘The Fence’, and a drawer face from this dresser

Howsabout decorated for Hallowe’en? Best, right?

I’m tellin’ ya-always keep a healthy stash of junk on hand!

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