Bohemian Guestroom

Turning a dungey unfinished basement room into a bohemian guest retreat using things I already had was fun. I didnt spend a cent creating this space!

Heres what we started with

I had to scrape up the previous owners’ halfassed sticky floor tile 

Just outside the door I put up scrapbook paper to hide the unfinished sheetwall. I threw up some shear curtains and a jangle belt I impulse-bought at a market and could never find a use for.

Inside I filled the room with rugs I no longer use, old sheets for a make-shift ceiling, and furniture and knicknacks from the garage I couldnt let go of.

It has become the room that houses all my little decor items and knicknacks when I have no use for them in other parts of the house. And everything matches because nothing matches!

My favorite part is the bed. Its SO cozy. For a girl who loves everything Painted White this space is my rainbow retreat.

Sweet dreams!

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