DIY Fixer-Upper Kitchen

I really love our modest abode. It serves us well. So I am willing to forgive that our eat-in kitchen lacks the necessary space to accomodate all 7 of us, let alone meal guests (which I like to have).

It looked nice and crisp in the listing photo when we were considering buying the house so I felt it was a good functional kitchen. And I loved that the original shiplap wasnt covered in paper and panelling like much of the rest of the house. It also had a cute country cottage thing going so I didnt expect to feel a need to make many changes

People; fitting the necessary food and dishes a family of seven requires into this kitchen is impossible. I’m still working out the kinks. That french door leads to a porch that drops to -40°c in the winter otherwise itd be a great pantry.

Here’s a photo on the second day of moving in; trying to determine how it would all work out

After a while I had made some changes and found the cutest retro stove in beautiful condition which I loved. I named her Magda. I was quite content with this for a while

Magda gave me two good years before she finally burned out and I had to replace her.
Then we got a fancy new steel stove! I had to redecorate EVERYTHING! Lol. I really did; it just stood out too much. So I started thinking ‘industrial’

I dug up an old panel of roof tin to use as a backsplash

Got some new lights,

And tried out a few storage ‘solutions’ on the far side under the window

It all worked out pretty good for me but everytime the kitchen was even slightly messy, all the clutter just made it look chaotic. Too many things in sight all around.

So I got woodworkin! And made an island outta some scrap banister rails and panelling from the stash. The top is made from wood that used to frame out the opening to the kitchen that I distressed and stained

I also built the cool “vent” above the stove while I was at it using the same wood as I used for the island top

And the little side-shelf for cans and such. I still want to fab up a cute curtain for it too. See the neat vintage ceiling tin I scored from a friend for the new backsplash? Crazy cute.

And while I was on the whole woodworking kick I also put together a plate rack for the open shelving cupboards. This is a project I bought new for: $12 in dowels. The rest is wood pieces from the stash

Still havent had the right idea for the space above the sink fixture. And I havent put the mismatch knobs back on yet either because I cant decide whether I want to do that or replace them.

I was happy with how these chairs turned out after I recovered them in old sheets with vinyl to protect from spills! I love them

I’ve simplified the other side of the kitchen until I can come up with a way to give it balance without making it busy. With the island now in place this wall leaves no space for floor pieces.

We can actually sit all 7 of us AT the table! Even the baby! And we have two vintage tv trays tucked behind the tv stand in the adjoining living room to accomodate guests during meals.

Many changes made! I’m happy with the evolution of this space so far

3 thoughts on “DIY Fixer-Upper Kitchen

  1. Looks good! I have to laugh at how many times you changed the decor above the sink, but I understand how it is! At our last house, I probably rearranged it every 6 months…we lived there 4 1/2 years. I was finally feeling good about,y arrangement when we decided to move. I like that you gave your stove a name!


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