Regards to the Discarded

I’ve come across some pretty awesome finds in unlikely places. These days there are a lot more people in the business of reloving junk furniture and decor pieces. Even though that may add to the challenge of finding a great deal on a quality piece, part of the magic comes from an ability to see something not for what it is; but for what it could be:

Emphasizing the age of an old cupboard

Bringing fresh life to a tired plain dresser

Using stencils to enhance a drawerfront

Enlisting wrapping paper to give a piece pattern and texture

Waiting to find the right pieces to create a function; an ikea side table and two well-loved childrens chairs become a lego station with a little paint and the addition of hooks and buckets from the dollarstore

Enjoy the process! I love that an afternoon in the sun with a drink and a paintbrush promises a sense of accomplisment!

Saving everything comes with the perk of being prepared when a whim strikes. The tricky part (as all creatives know) is keeping it all organized!

Learning to look at junk with rose-colored glasses creates more opportunity for high-impact low-cost successes. 

Look what a rusty bargain becomes with just two cans of spraypaint!

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