Pinterest Tiered Enamel Tray

I love me a good pin. It kick-starts my ambitions by inspiring me to explore the potential in things I already have. Like these three old enamel dishes. And some dowels saved from chairs that have broken over my years of collecting junk (and no, I do not have it organized; my basement is a terror to be seen) 

Anyways while perusing the like of the ever famous miss Joanna and her groupies I saw one of these tired stands and thought “yup I can do that” and so i did.

I had a few ceiling hooks with the removable double-sided screws so I predrilled holes in either end of each dowel piece and used a hammer and old screwdriver to make holes in the enamelware. I had a china teacup saucer with a hole already drilled into it that i used upside down as a base to somewhat stabilize the dented and wobbly bottom dish. Some paint on the wood dowels and thats it! 

She’s all the things I love; white, worn, functional, and free! I think she’s beautiful.

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